So, you have an app idea, what's next?

If you are a non-tech person who carries a brilliant idea for a web or mobile app and is clueless about what's the next step to take, this article is for you.

In this article, I will dig into some key considerations and offer valuable advice for non-coders embarking on their app development endeavors.

1.Validate your Product Idea

Before investing a significant amount of money in wireframes and code development, it is crucial to validate your product idea. Validating your idea helps ensure that there is a market demand for your app and that it addresses a genuine need. By conducting market research, gathering feedback from potential users, and testing the viability of your idea, you can assess its potential success before committing substantial resources to its development. This validation process can save you time and money by ensuring that you are investing in a product with promising prospects.

2.Start with Wireframes

As a non-coder, diving straight into coding may be overwhelming. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your app's scope and requirements, start by having a UX designer create wireframes. These visual representations of the app's layout and functionality allow you to envision the final product and facilitate effective communication with developers. Moreover, having wireframes in place makes it easier for developers to evaluate the required time and effort accurately.

3.Choose the Right Platform

Finding skilled developers is a critical aspect of ensuring the success of your app development project. While online platforms like Upwork offer access to a wide talent pool, it's also worth considering partnering with a custom web development agency. These agencies specialize in providing end-to-end app development services and can offer numerous benefits that align with the needs of non-coders this includes experience and expertise, dedicated project management, scalability and flexibility.

4.Ask for the Man-Hours Required (and triple it)

You can ask the developers to estimate the number of man-hours needed to complete the project. However, it is important to keep in mind that these estimates are often underestimated. To have a more realistic timeframe, it is advisable to triple the estimated duration. This accounts for unexpected challenges that developers may encounter during the development process, ensuring that your budget and expectations are not compromised. Additionally, this buffer allows for the incorporation of additional features or adjustments in the future.

Remember, successful app development involves collaboration between non-coders, UX designers, and developers. With the right approach, perseverance, and a focus on quality, you can transform your app idea into a reality and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.

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