Top 5 Software Development Myths

Top 5 Software Development Myths

Myths or assumptions in software development obstruct the path toward a successful product. Debunking these myths can help the development team focus on building the perfect software by being fully aware of the business processes.

Let us consider the following myths that should be challenged to gain business efficiency.

Myth #1. The more developer the better

Often when a project is taking a while to progress, the most common misconception by the development team is to hire more software developers to be able to meet the deadline of the project. The truth is when your project is already late, adding more people to work on it would not necessarily help. Instead, this can just slow it down further.

The additional manpower poses additional challenges in communication and collaboration since the new hires need to be trained by the older employees. So instead of these existing developers writing code, they are swollen up by the need to train the new ones. At the same time, every new team member needs a lot of time to be well-versed in the project.

Myth #2. Bug-free software

A lot of times, clients request the development team for bug-free software. But that zero-bug development just does not exist. To stay relevant, you need to keep things updated. Facebook or Google constantly improve their software. They make improvements to meet end users’ changing expectations along with evolving technologies.

Myth #3. You don’t need testing

When testing is not performed, it may hurt the system in the long run. For example, the project has already been launched without proper tests. After some time of the system release and usage, some significant problems related to the system performance unfold and their fixing would be time-consuming which affects the loyalty of the end user.

Yes, it is gonna be worth more for clients but would be less than the amount you would need to pay to fix the bug later on.

Myth #4. The development ends after the launch

Another popular assumption on software development is that when the project has been launched, the work also ends there. This is not the case. Maintenance and support afterward are usually part of the post-release policy between the client and the development team. To ensure the longevity of the product, software developers provide maintenance plans.

When the software is launched, the developers have the task to monitor its performance, take feedback, eradicate bugs if detected and other required updates. This ensures the quality of the product and the retention of the audience.

Myth#5. Cutting-edge tools will guarantee better results

Using new tools in software development is advantageous to the business however this is not always the case. It is important to note that the development team uses software tools that suit the needs of the particular project rather than the latest. There are some cases where modern trends may not be sufficient enough for the project.


These are just some of the popular myths in software development. The only way to prove them right or wrong is to learn by experience. Until then, keep yourself open-minded and do not hesitate to take risks.